Ostrich and the Egg Donuts | Delivering koeksister donuts in Melbourne
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Ostrich & The Egg

Australia’s first koeksister food trailer has arrived!


Ostrich & The Egg

Australia’s first koeksister food trailer has arrived!


Ostrich & The Egg

Australia’s first koeksister food trailer has arrived!

Australia’s first koeksister food truck, coming soon!


Street food ingredients meets home baking aromas

Allow us to introduce the Koeksister donut.

How we used to do it

It’s a weekend morning you’ve just woken up… you realize koeksisters are being prepared, as the first thing you smell is the comforting aroma of cinnamon and spiced dough along with the bubbling of warm, house made syrup and a bowl of crispy coconut. This perfumed the entire home. Coffee or rooibos tea is ready to serve, we gather around the kitchen table to commence eating, what South African households have been doing for generations…

And now we want to share that with you.

About Us

Why the Koeksister?

One of the things we love most about Melbourne is its diverse, ever-growing food culture. Exotic international foods are readily available in any of the bustling dining districts – and Melbournians are very adventurous in their tastes. To us, the Koeksister ticks all the boxes; the combination of textures and flavours create a satisfying, unique treat perfect for serving with coffee or as a dessert.

What makes it special?

Soft, textured, sweet and spiced all at once, you could call it the perfect food. We just call it the Koeksister. The yeast-based dough is powdered with a special combination of spices, then shallow pan fried, dipped in hot syrup and finished with a sprinkle of dried coconut. It’s a sure hit with any crowd. We just know you’ll love Koeksisters as much as we do!

Street food flavours meets home baking aromas

We are here to introduce flavours a likened to street food style ingredients with aromas only replicated in kitchen households combined with toppings inspired by Melbourne’s café culture. Now that’s a first. Walking into Ostrich & the Egg, you will instantly feel at home.

Using locally sourced ingredients

Once combined, our ingredients, recipe and product is a journey you’ve never had with your taste buds. We will be a pioneer and torch bearer, stay true to our values and our commitment to the experience.

Our Story

Our mission is to replicate and give an experience only synonymous with kitchens in South Africa through these unmatchable aromas of spices and ingredients. We will take you on a hand forged, humble journey with your taste buds.

Ostrich & the Egg is Australia’s first food truck for the iconic South African donut called koeksisters. Using a unique blend of locally sourced ingredients and spices the koeksister is hand forged from start to finish, the dough is spiced prior to rolling, pan fried, placed in a house made syrup then dusted in coconut. With over 200 years of various cultural influences, it bursts with unique and humble flavours.

Long story short..

Cape Malay koeksisters are a delicious donut type dessert – that incomparable extra something that you just canʼt describe.

Koeksisters were introduced by the Dutch, which then fused with the Malay settlement and so we have what’s formally known as Cape Malay koeksisters. Unlike most other ʻdonutsʼ the koeksister donuts are different in the sense that it is spiced with unique ingredients prior to frying off. Ostrich & the egg is a name the pays homage to the South African roots.

Sneak peak!

Using our tried and tested family recipe, we will produce koeksisters from our ‘Koeksister Kart’ for all market and festival goers to chow down whilst soaking in the bustling atmospheric conditions! We absolutely can’t wait to share this unique treat with all of Melbourne!

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